5 Minute Safety Talks to Initiate Worker Safety

The Construction Safety Association of Ontario recommends giving weekly safety talks to your workforce. According to the CSA, weekly safety talks will not only keep your workers informed, it will also keep workplace safety top of mind.

The CSAO offers tips for giving workplace safety talks, including:

 – Keep your safety talks topical

– Clearly introduce the topic of the week

– Talk in a pertinent location.

– Use actual props such as tools and equipment during your presentation

– Invite questions. If you do not have the answer to these questions, follow up

– Keep a record of your talks for future reference

CSAO offers several 5 minute safety session topics and guides for free download or for purchase. They  invite construction industry professionals to “Show your commitment to health and safety by giving a safety talk every week. “


1 Response to “5 Minute Safety Talks to Initiate Worker Safety”

  1. 1 Toronto 416er April 12, 2010 at 8:37 pm

    The CSAO is great! I loved their training, people, and materials.

    I’ve actually written a short post on “How to Give a Safety Talk (Introduction and Example)” here: ( http://wp.me/pP8G3-2X ) Take a look. I hope it will help people giving safety talks.

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