Tankless Water Heating Systems Becoming Popular in North America

Tankless water heating systems, or hot water on demand has been a popular item for a long while in Europe but it is just now becoming a viable and attainable option in North America. Home owners and business owners across Canada and the US are just now becoming aware of this water heating system.


While the tankless water heating system for the home / business may involve a higher initial cost, many are finding the long run benefits, which include energy and cost savings, are simply worth the added up front expense. When it came to installing showers in his boutique style Toronto hostel, small business owner Michael Scott easily chose water on demand instead of a traditional hot water tank.


“After a lot of research, I installed the Bosh AquaStar system. It had some excellent reviews and is designed to last more than 20 years. I was really limited on space in my hostel so the fact that it is less than 25” high, 15” wide and 10” deep is one of the main reasons I chose to go with this particular heating system” said Michael.


Michael was also impressed with the energy savings potential. – up to 50% over traditional heating methods. Many of Michael’s guests arrive in Canada from European countries so the concept is not new to many of them but he finds that he is constantly discussing the benefits of hot water on demand with many of his guests and friends that visit from closer to home.


“There is no hot water tank,” explains Michael “so the need to constantly heat a reserve of water is bypassed, yet hot water is available instantly when you turn the tap. For further control, I can digitally limit the temperature to my preference. The unit is capable of heating two major appliances at the same time. I find that my friends and family who visit the hostel are more impressed with this system than my out of country guests.”


Tankless hot water systems are popping up everywhere in business and homes across North America. There are plenty of online articles and reviews on the subject of hot water on demand, if you are planning to build, renovate, or replace in your new business, home, or cottage, why not research your options?


2 Responses to “Tankless Water Heating Systems Becoming Popular in North America”

  1. 1 matthewday1 October 9, 2008 at 1:14 pm

    As an additional note to the above, tankless water heaters are an extremely cost effective addition to existing water heating systems that experience big swings in hot water demand. If, for example, you pre-heat your water in a tank using passive solar heating, then the cost of bringing up your water to usable temperature is significantly reduced when your water is pre-heated. Also, it is generally more efficient to heat a hot water tank for long term, constant usage, but when the sudden demand kicks in for a high volume of heated water, then it can be quite inefficient to build huge capacity into a conventional tank storage system, so a small storage system, with a high capacity tankless heater for peak loads is the way to go.

    Matthew Day

  1. 1 Go Green, Go Tankless! « GoGreenSalon.com Trackback on October 7, 2008 at 5:48 pm

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