New Products that are Environmentally Friendly

In today’s economy, more and more companies are building green and coming out with their own line of products that are environmentally friendly.  Here’s a glance at a few of these new products. 


Solar power system for flat roofs was created by Akeena Solar Inc. which places the Andalay solar system on a 10-degree slope, maximizing sun exposure, while maintaining the system’s sleek integration and performance.  It weighs less than 3 pounds per square foot.  This also eliminates all rooftop penetrations, attachments and modifications while integrating all grounding and electrical connections into the panels themselves.


Big Ass Fans has created the Element fan. The Element’s gearless motor maximizes energy efficiency with silent, superior performance while the patented airfoil and winglet design optimizes airflow. This energy efficiency fan is ideal for restaurants, shopping malls, office buildings, churches and schools. 


The new ENVIRO-3000 zero-VOC, low odor, high quality, insulating ceramic, interior wall, ceiling and trim paint  has been introduced by Nationwide Chemical Coating Manufactures and has been added to their architectural paints and coatings.  It is formulated by ceramic filters and has insulating and soundproofing characteristics along with uniform, easy-to-apply, high hide latex finish. It’s available in flat, satin and semigloss finishes and a primer sealer can be used on most wall, ceiling and trim surfaces. 


COOLWALL coating system, created by Textured Coatings of America Inc. has patented heat reflective technology that is specially formulated to reflect the sun’s heat and reduce exterior wall surface temperatures.  The low-VOC COOLWALL reduces cooling costs and saves energy through reflectivity. COOLWALL can be applied to metal roofs, galvanized and aluminum substrates, concrete, masonry, brick, wood and more.  This product also maintains colour integrity, which extends the painting life-cycle of the coating. 


For the complete list of the newest products in the green market, visit:    



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