Environmentally Friendly Cement on the Horizon?

Not long ago, Norsteel Buildings posted about a plant in Denver that is taking the initiative to recycle materials into pavement. Today we are writing about the possibility of environmentally friendly cement. A company in California believes they have a new technology that will allow them to manufacture environmentally friendly cement.


The company, Calera Corp, is currently engaging in tests to determine the effectiveness of technology that is meant to “…grab carbon dioxide from its surroundings during the manufacturing of cement. The system is said to sequester a half-ton of CO2 for every ton of cement made.”


The founder of Celera Corp, Brent Constantz, is convinced that his process for creating cement will act in the same way as sea coral, which creates a form of natural cement utilizing elements from its surroundings. “We are turning CO2 into carbonic acid and then making carbonate,” Constantz explains. “All we need is seawater and pollution.” Meaning that magnesium and calcium will be completely removed from the seawater for the re


Constantz’ process will strip the seawater of calcium and magnesium—ideal for the purpose of desalination and then will be safely driven back into the ocean. CO2 emissions will be contained due to the fact that Constantz’ process circumvents the need to heat limestone, a major component of regular cement. Constantz also makes mention that CO2 emissions will be effectively contained during the manufacturing process and the entire process should be much more cost effective than traditional manufacturing methods.


Source: http://www.landscapeonline.com/research/article/11180


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