Cost Effective Residential Construction

I just reviewed this comment from a South African reader, and I thought I should take a minute to respond properly.

” good day.i need some help plz.i want to build a 100 rural homes,each of them are 3m/6m.whats the cheapest way to build them?thanx “

Pre-Engineered steel is not a traditional North American residential building style. It is, however uniquely suited for high quality long term housing. This building project will be extremely easy to erect, as all of the parts will be small enough to manually erect. There will be no onsite welding required, so you will have a truly ‘ Bolt Together construction ‘ package.

 I would suggest that these buildings should incorporate a Cool Arctic White wall and roof colour. This colour easily meets Californias stringent title 24 code parameters. It is one of the most efficient heat reflectors available anywhere, and is pretty economical.

By using a standard metal building insulation package, condensation can be controlled, with the added advantage of a bright ceiling. I suggest that the walls be lined with a steel liner, in a reflective white finish, so as to protect the insulation, and keep a nice bright interior.

Make sure that there is a good trim package at the ground level, and at the eaves of the building. The trick here is to keep insects, snakes, and sundry vermin from entering the building by way of the roll formed ‘flutes’ in the wall cladding.

If you follow this advice, you will have buildings that are completely impervious to termites, etc. They will have a cool interior, will be incredibly rust resistant, and so will last for generations. They will erect lickety split, with relatively unskilled crews, and no expensive cranes, or heavy equipment. All in all, a great application for pre-eng steel buildings. Thanks for your comments, and keep them coming!

Author: Matthew Day, Building Consultant 1-866-822-4022 ext: 351


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