Recycling Buildings Has Many Benefits

Each year, 125 million tons of debris is produced from the destruction of buildings.  In an effort to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills, some companies are starting to look at other alternatives and a distribution network for used building materials is taking action.


A company in Pittsburgh, PNC Financial Services is planning on recycling 8000 of the 11,000 tons of waste when they knock down the city’s former Public Safely Building and turn this space into a park.  They will use concrete to refill the site, steel will be used into new rebar, aluminum will be reused in cans and other products and foam-board ceiling tiles will be brought back to the manufacturer to be used again.  Not only will the company be saving $200, 000 in dump fees, this is a tremendous benefit to the environment. 




Want to learn more about the benefits of environmentally friendly buildings? Just visit our green building section.


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