Statistics: Why Employees Are Not Wearing Personal Protective Equipment in the Workplace

The other day we posted about Construction and Workplace Safety Resources for Canada.

After coming across an article about a survey that was done on employees who do not like to wear personal protective equipment, I thought it would be interesting to post the results of the survey. This is a very prevelant issue in the steel buildings industry and others as well as  great follow up to our last post


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration enforces that employees wear personal protective equipment to avoid exposure to hazards when engineering in the workplace. Unfortunately, administration controls are not always effective in reducing exposure to acceptable levels.  However noncompliance continues to be a concern in the workplace.

In October 2007, 87% of safety professionals who surveyed at The National Safety Council Congress & Expo mentioned that workers failed to wear PPE when they should have.  At a 2006 event, a similar survey indicated that 85% of safety professionals answered yes to this same question.  Both of these surveys were conducted by Kimberly-Clark Professional.


When asked why people failed to wear PPE in a 2007 survey, 62% said the main reason was “discomfort”, this was followed by: too hot, fit poorly, unattractive and not easily accessible from the site of the work task.  When asked how PPE could be improved, 75% of professionals said they could make it more comfortable. 

OSHA guidelines state that employees should take the fit and comfort of PPE into consideration when choosing items for their workplace.  PPE that is comfortable and fits well will encourage employees to wear them. 


For full survey results, visit:


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