Construction and Workplace Safety Resources for Canada

Safety in the work place is an obvious topic of discussion in the prefabricated buildings industry, just as it is in other construction and manual based industries. Unfortunately a lot of well intentioned companies, managers, foremen, employees, etc. can make mistakes. These mistakes can be based on perceived time constraints, plain old clumsiness or lack of sleep, or any number of circumstances. What really irks a lot of people, however, is when bad things happen to good people as a result of lack of knowledge.


Reading about workplace accidents, mishaps, or even tragedies that could have easily been avoided with just a little bit of knowledge or know-how is beyond disheartening. That is why I have decided to gather some online educational workplace safety resources. If, after reading the list, you feel as though I have missed a valuable resource, please post it in the comment section.


First we have Clientia, a website from British Columbia that has a wealth of information about construction safety. I found the workplace safety checklists to be particularly valuable. There are dozens of them on the site, an example of one is the Safety Walkaround Checklist for Scaffolds.


Of course we have OSSA, the Ontario Service Safety Alliance, which has several workplace safety resources including a workplace safety products store which includes WHIMS products.


The Pacific Safety Centre LTD has some free safety info and resource links such as the Canadian Society for Safety Engineering, Work Safe BC, and Occupational Health and Safety Administration. Perhaps even more valuable, though, is Pacific Safety Centre’s jobsite safety courses.


Here is another great resource for safety links. Finally, check out the Canada Safety Council website.

If you happen to be searching for offline resources, the 7th Annual Alberta Health & Safety Conference and Trade Fair 2008 will be at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton this October 27 to 29, 2008


Like I said, if you have any safety resources to add, please leave a comment in the comment section.


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