Foreclosures and Drought Help to Spawn New Industry: Lawn Painting

 As homeowners and city officials look for ways to quickly spruce up and re-sell forclosed homes, some landscapers believe they have the answer – lawn painting.

Green Paint

Green Paint

Trimming and painting homes can cost as little as around $100, which can be about one third of the price of an adequate watering plan. While there are draw backs to lawn painting, such as discoloration and heat retention, some members of the real estate industry seem to be getting on board with the concept. After all, times are tough and most anything is worth a try. Not everyone seems to be interested in lawn painting, however. There has been at least one case of a city turning down a bid for lawn trimming and painting. Lake Elsinore officials are currently looking into alternative options despite the extra foreseen costs involved.

Lawn painting is not a new concept; it has traditionally been used for touch ups on golf courses and similar industries. Perhaps, though, as economy and drought issues evolve, lawn painting will become much more mainstream for homes and businesses in the United States.


Article Source:, Turf Painting Goes Green


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