Free Self Storage Business Information and Tips

Norsteel Buildings Canada

Norsteel Buildings Canada

Norsteel Buildings provides high quality, low cost pre-fab buildings to self storage entrepreneurs across Canada and into the United States. We want and appreciate your business. Before we help you commit to your storage building of choice, however, we would like to help you make sure that the storage business is right for you.


Starting a self storage business requires careful planning, detailed research and a lot of preparation. Like any new business, it also requires an entrepreneurial spirit and a natural motivation. With that said, if you have the right spirit and the ability to devise a logical and thorough plan, the opportunities for success in the self storage world are limitless.

Great Businesses start with a solid plan.


In order to devise a solid plan for your self storage business, it is important to do your research and establish a list of resources that you may refer to on an as needed basis. The Internet is a great place to start. Here are some online self storage resources:


Self Storage Association

Mini-Storage Messenger

Self Storage Now0

Mobile Self-Storage Magazine

Mobile Self-Storage Association

Norsteel Steel Building Industry News


As you are probably aware location is everything, even in the mini-storage business. As tempted as you might be to choose a remote location at a steal of a deal, there is so much to consider when choosing where to build. How many other storage businesses are your potential customers going to pass by on their way out of town to visit you? How will your potential customers find you? Is the location under consideration feasible?


When considering your location, you must also assess your main customer base. What are their needs? What type of storage will suit your target market? Would their lifestyle most likely require mini-storage, RV and boat storage, or perhaps mobile storage? Once you have chosen the best type of storage business for you and your customer base, Norsteel will help you customize the perfect prefabricated storage facilities to suit your needs.


Along with a solid business plan, you will also need a smart marketing/advertising strategy. Too many small businesses fail to get off the ground because a marketing budget was not factored into the plan. Again, there are plenty of inexpensive yet effective marketing strategies, if only you know where to look. Try keyword searching online or visit your public library.


As you are probably already aware, the mini storage business can be a great avenue for passive or not so passive income. The entire Norsteel Buildings Mini Storage Division Team looks forward to working with you and help you achieves success in this industry.


For more mini storage business information, tips or for building quotes, please call us toll-free at your earliest convenience, 1-866-822-4022. We are here to help.







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